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Why Us

We don’t just know about it. We’ve lived it.

At myTrue HR, we’ve owned businesses ourselves. We’ve worked in HR and the health insurance industry. We’ve created and managed retirement plans. And so much more. Our combined experiences give us a 360-degree perspective in the HR world, which allows us to provide outstanding service to you in a more efficient, effective, and intuitive way. We speak the language of business, finance, and human resources, and we love taking administrative and logistical burdens off of business leaders’ shoulders. Sure, Serena Williams could probably be a great golfer. But she’s a world-class tennis player. Let her play tennis — and dominate. We want you to dominate in your areas of strength, too!

Our approach is consultative and customized. At myTrue HR, we listen. We don’t take away from your team, we add to it. We strive to make you and your employees better. We actually like handling the work that tends to hold growing businesses back, and we have the chops to do it well. We see differentiation and complexity as challenges to be embraced, and we turn those challenges into progress for you. We think HR should help you move forward, not be a barrier to success. And with our customized approach, we’ll help you prioritize and apply solutions that are most conducive to your business.


Pull things together. Rather than having a provider for this and a consultant for that, why not get rid of the hodge-podge and streamline your HR functions? myTrue HR can bring it all together in one relationship, adding more value, increasing accountability, and reducing the amount of time required of you to get things done right.

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